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What's Your story?

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Versatile, experienced, and relentlessly creative, Rob Suggs is a virtuoso of the written word. His clients have included New York Times best-selling authors such as Kyle Idleman, Lee Strobel, Mark Batterson, David Jeremiah, Bruce Wilkinson, and many others. He has written or collaborated on more than sixty books. 


Rob believes everyone has a story, every story is worth telling, and his passion is telling that story to a wide audience. He's known in the publishing industry for capturing the recognizable voice of his client, then rendering it in clear, powerful prose. His range extends from whimsical humor to heartfelt devotion to clear and compelling storytelling. Having begun his journey as a renowned and successful cartoonist, Rob writes visually and always with a touch of unique wit.


Rob has authored (and cartooned) books of his own, including his hilarious memoir, Christmas Ate My Family, his memorable cartoon collection It Came from Beneath the Pew, and the bestselling Top Dawg: Mark Richt and the Revival of Georgia Football).


More frequently, however, he collaborates with people like you who want their lives and experiences captured in timeless narrative form.


A native of Atlanta, Ga., Rob is a graduate of Furman University and is married to Gayle Suggs. They have two adult children. 


Bringing your book from dream to print is easier than you think. But how does the process go?


  • You can tell your story to Rob by interview. Through either personal visits, phone, or video conferencing, Rob will get your story carefully recorded.

  • You might already have done a little writing. Maybe it just needs that extra something. Rob can work through your manuscript and make it shine. 

  • A little extra research needed? Rob goes into depth with each project, getting the facts and background to make the project accurate and detailed. In books on NFL football, faith, medicine, drugs, and other topics, he has done the homework necessary for a professional publication.

  • Self-publishing or traditional publisher? Lots of great options are available today. Rob will walk you through the process of deciding on the best vehicle for your work.

  • Pricing? Time frame? Every project is a bit different. Let's talk about yours. 

Other questions?  Click here.

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